New Study Sheds Light On Infamously Mysterious 19th-Century Cannibal Shipwreck

The cause of death for all 128 crew members on the Franklin Expedition has long baffled archaeologists, but a new study brings them one step closer to finding the truth.

Torrington Mummy Ice Grave

Seriously Creepy Stuff/YouTubeBody of John Torrington, crew member on the Franklin Expedition, found perfectly preserved in the Arctic ice in 1984.

New research into the infamous and deadly Franklin Expedition shipwreck is shining light on how the 128 crewmen lost their lives more than 170 years ago.

A new study published on Aug. 23 in PLOS One revealed that lead poisoning, one of the previously and most popularly believed causes, did not play a pivotal role in the deaths of the sailors. Over the years a few discoveries have helped researchers to begin to piece together how the crew members may have met their untimely ends, however much of this fateful voyage remains unknown.