Germany Returns Skulls Of Namibian Genocide Victims — But Still Won’t Apologize For Killing Thousands

Almost 40 years before the Holocaust, the concentration camp imprisonment and mass murder of the Herero and Nama people marked the first genocide of the 20th century.

Namibian Prisoners

Wikimedia CommonsHerero prisoners stand in chains during the genocide. 1904.

After more than a century, Germany has now returned the remains belonging to victims of a colonial genocide in present-day Namibia that left tens of thousands dead.

On Aug. 29, representatives of the Namibian government accepted 19 skulls, five full skeletons, as well as some bone and skin fragments at a church service in Berlin, wrote Fox News. German universities and hospitals had held onto the remains for decades after using them in a series of early-20th-century pseudoscientific experiments meant to prove the supposed racial superiority of white people.